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What’s my notice period?

Your notice period is detailed in your contract.

Where can I find information about retirement?

You should refer to your pension plan provider for details of your normal retirement age, i.e. the earliest date on which you may retire on full pension.

If you wish to retire, you should give me the notice set out in your individual contract.

Where can I find out more about redundancy?

Redundancy payment information is detailed in your individual contract.

While every effort will be made to avoid compulsory redundancy, working for a Member of the Scottish Parliament is a unique situation and redundancy may arise under the following circumstances:

Redundancies will be handled in a fair, consistent and sympathetic manner and I’ll do everything I can to avoid or minimise the need for compulsory redundancy. For example I will consider:


  • transferring staff to other areas of work;

  • restrictions on recruitment and/or promotion;

  • reviewing the use of contractors;

  • retraining staff for redeployment to other work where vacancies exist;

  • surplus staff being allowed to block vacant posts at a lower level;

  • inviting staff to volunteer for redundancy.

This list is not exhaustive.

In the event of a redundancy situation, payment will be made in accordance with the statutory regulations and all practicable steps will be taken to minimise the risk of hardship.
The terms governing redundancy payments are detailed in your individual Contract.

What if I’m leaving?

If you’re leaving, you must give me the correct length of notice which is detailed in your contract.
Before you leave, please return all office property to me, including any items of equipment, appliances, books, documents etc which had been issued to you.

If you have a pass for the Scottish Parliament building you must give this to me when you leave on your last working day.

Are you able to provide me with a reference?

I usually don’t provide ‘open’ references for employees, but I can provide a factual reference on request.

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