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Well done on getting a job with an MSP! These are really important jobs and you’ll be a key part of making the Scottish Parliament work well.


We understand how daunting it can be starting a new job, so we’ve produced a site ( here with lots of helpful information, including a How-to guide, which will help you understand how your terms and conditions operate.


These (terms and conditions) are part of the contract you have with your employer, that’s the MSP. We aim to operate an open, inclusive and accessible organisation here which is based on some core values which you’ll also find reflected in the Code of Conduct.


You’re going to play a really important role in making sure the Scottish Parliament and your MSP in particular can operate successfully, and we look forward very much to seeing you around and working with you over the next few years.


Welcome to your Parliament

Getting Started

An introduction to the How-to Guide

 This How-to guide, (“the guide”) applies to you because your employment by me is funded through the Reimbursement of Members Expenses Scheme. It, contains, or points you towards, the policies that apply to your work. It also gives you guidance on your employment benefits. You’ll see that the terms in your contract, and the policies set out in this guide go above and beyond statutory requirements, making this a great place to work.


The small print: This guide doesn’t form part of your employment contract: your terms and conditions of employment are all set out in your contract. This guide and the policies and procedures in it may be amended at any time and I may vary them as appropriate to a particular case.


It's important that you’re aware that you must comply with the policies and procedures set out in this guide. Keep yourself right here and familiarise yourself with them as soon as possible because if you don’t follow them, in some circumstances, this could amount to misconduct or gross misconduct and it could lead to disciplinary action being taken against you.


Just one last thing, you should be aware that the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) provides many services to Members and their staff, however, it’s not your employer. I’m your employer. This guide is designed to answer many of your questions about your employment with me, but please feel free to ask me about anything that you’re not sure about. 

We hope that you find the work4msps site full of lots of useful information. We’ve developed training materials to get you quickly settled into your role and a staff handbook to provide you with guidance. We’ll continue to produce and update content, but remember, this is your site and we would love to hear if there’s anything else you would like to see included.

Make sure you also check out the Introduction Materials.

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Your Health and Safety

Health and Fire Safety

What do I need to know about Health and Fire Safety at work?


As your employer, I take Health and Safety and Fire Safety very seriously. I have legal obligations to keep our workplace safe and to look after the health and safety of all my employees, visitors and the general public.


Whilst working at the Scottish Parliament or my local office, you must familiarise yourself with the procedures for reporting accidents, near misses and hazards and our first aid arrangements. These can be viewed on the Health and Safety section of the Members’ channel.


Please also take time to read the Health and Safety Internal Guidance, which sets out the collective responsibility of staff who work in the Scottish Parliament. To make sure you’re up to date, you must complete the Health and Safety training and the Fire Safety training. 

Did you know...

There is security guidance to help keep you safe in your local office. You can access the interactive  guidance here, but please contact Security if you need further help.


It’s important to know that, by law, you also have responsibilities and while you are at work you must:

  • take reasonable care of yourself and others who may be affected by what you do, or fail to do;

  • co-operate with me so that I can fulfill my legal duties and requirements;

  • for health, safety and welfare reasons, never recklessly or intentionally misuse any equipment that has been provided;

  • carry out your work in accordance with any training or instructions you have received from me or other authorised persons;

  • inform me of any work situation that you believe presents an immediate danger, or any shortcomings in the arrangements for health and safety; and

  •  if you are based at the Scottish Parliament, attend or complete all compulsory health and safety and fire safety training courses provided by the SPCB.

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